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American Wirehair is a strong cat. She has a broad chest, a muscular neck, strong jaws and a well-developed muzzle. His legs are thick and strong. The plumage of the Shorthair is similar to that of the American Shorthair except for the curly texture.


The American Wirehair is a calm cat that loves people. He is very interested in everything that happens around him.
American Wirehair can be expected to have many of the same personalities as the American Shorthair: adaptable, kind, playful, and affectionate.


American Wirehair is a spontaneous mutation of the American Shorthair. It first occurred as a random mutation.

A cross between two stringed kittens was created, many of which were sold to other interested breeders. The breed performed well and in 1967 was recognized by the CFA, and in 1978 was accepted for championship competition. As the population grew, the cats were exported to Canada and Germany, where they were especially popular.
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