My cute Scottish fold Kitten ????????❤#catvideos #petlover #cat #scottishfold

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She is "SOFIA". I bought her from the internet, her owner said me, her mother is Scottish fold, her fur is white and her ears are little bit gray and tail also with pale gray. She is very gorgeous,.

all videos related to small charity works for small new born kitten's, Many people avoiding all new born kitten in street or other places, so, I am taking some of the kitten from the street or online free market and take care of them, may be one or kitten ....then give them to someone want cat as a pet, when they grow up, i will give then very kindly and caring hands......❤????????
In December 30, 2024, I had adapted one 12 days kitten and when she was 40 days old, I have give this kitten to safety hand.....from 1.1.2024 till now, I have with me Scottish fold Kitten...

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Chats de Race Scottish Fold
Kitten, beautiful cat, pet

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