Berbere, Kai, Doro, and Bueg -- Last Few Days

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Mom and babies go to the shelter Sunday evening 11/27. Bueg will get neutered Monday 11/28 and the family will finish their dewormer there. Once they get a negative fecal result back, they will go up for adoption at MEOW Cat Rescue. Congratulations kittens!!!

Berbere came from a site with too many cats. We thought we had all the female kitties done, but Berbere gave us a surprise. She is likely sister or cousin to Tahini and or Kaya. She gave birth to 4 kittens the end of July: Kai, Doro, Bueg, and Shiro. Sadly, very shortly after bringing him into the kitten room, Shiro got very neurologic and could no longer do things to keep himself alive, despite our best efforts to help him live. He was humanely euthanized before his condition progressed even further in the diffuse brain infection, possibly caused by FIP. The rest of the litter is thriving and we continue to help Berbere build trust with us.

Pixie, Bob, and Tubby came from a family friend. They have gone to MEOW Cat Rescue for adoption.

Visit for more info under the Foodie Ferals blog post.

If you'd like to contribute to their needs, email me at for a link to the amazon wishlist.
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