Burmilla Cats 101 : Fun Facts & Myths

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In today's video, we are going to talk about some interesting facts and myths about the Burmilla Cat.

A fairly placid cat, the affectionate and sweet Burmilla is easy to get along with and requires minimal care.

The Burmilla cat is a soft colored cat in the United Kingdom. This cat was developed by cross mating chinchilla Persian with Burmese breed. This cat is one of the world’s most attractive cats. It has an easy-care short coat that comes in two variations, the short and semi-long. The eye color of Burmilla Cat is uncertain until it grows two years of their age. The cat is loyal, devoted, and incredibly affectionate and it craves human companionship.

The medium-size Burmilla has a sweet expression, a laid-back but mischievous personality, and two coat types. He’s generally family-friendly, with a coat that’s easy to groom, albeit somewhat prone to matting.

Here are some interesting facts about Burmilla Cat that will surely amaze you!

1. Burmilla Cat's History.

The Burmilla cat is a result of the accidental creation of a new breed. It was the sheer unplanned cross mating between Chinchilla and lilac Burmese cat in 19 81. The owner of lilac Burmese left the door open from where it escaped and met a male Chinchilla Persian cat. The result of mating was an adorable shorthaired female kitten having silver coated fur with black shade. In this way, a new breed was developed.

The Burmilla is rarely seen. In Britain, it is still an experimental breed, and it is not yet accepted by the major registries in the United States.

2. Burmilla Cat's Behavior.

Burmilla cats are sociable companions, playful, balanced, sweet character and a peculiar feature is that they are good vocalists.

They are very curious about what they love to explore and wander throughout the house. However, they adapt well to living inside. If you live in an apartment you have found the perfect company in a cat breed.

By being sociable, you get along well with the children and another pet you have. They greatly appreciate being pampered, so do not neglect them on that subject.

The Burmilla Cat is very kind to its owner and is in constant communication, it is an independent animal and it will not be a problem to stay alone at home.

It has a very demanding personality when it comes to pampering and caressing it. The irresistible looks of the cat can make anyone fall in love with it. The cat is leery of strangers but with time, it will get along with them. This sweet-natured cat is fun-loving and loves to be social with every member of the family. The cat has moderate vocalization which means it will meow or cry at night sometimes for no valid reason. Because of its lightweight and easygoing nature, you can carry the cat in your purse or lap efficiently.

3. Burmilla Cat's Personality.

This cat has an irreverent and independent personality. You can find the perfect blend of Burmese and the Persian cat in a single breed of cat. The cat is affectionate and a little extroverted in nature. It is adventurous and loves to explore new places or things for play. It is a well-suited cat for families with children. It remains playful throughout its life. The cat loves the attention it gets from polite children. It is advised to teach your kids how to pet cats by keeping them on.

4. Burmilla Cat's Appearance.

The Burmilla is a medium-sized cat, but she is also stocky and heavy. This breed is somewhat compact while being very muscular with heavy boning.

The Burmilla is a very rounded cat. The head is round and the tips of the ears are round. The profile shows a "break," and the eyes are very slightly slanted.

Burmilla Cat's coat is short and soft. Because of the original pairing, the coat is also thick and dense.

5. Burmilla Cat's Activities Requirement.

Keep the cat busy with fun and thrilling cat toys. Bring a medium-size cat’s tree in your house where the cat can have its own time when you’re not able to pay attention to it. The cat loves to play with kids and other dogs.
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