Meet Choi gyu RI and Her Cat. #marrymyhusband #choigyuri #catlover #scottishfold

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Brief Context: Choi Kyu-Ri, born on July 19, 2000, in South Korea, is an actress celebrated for her roles in various drama series, including "Marry My Husband" (tvN, 2024) and "Battle for Happiness" (ENA, 2023). Besides her acting career, she is a dedicated cat lover, managing an Instagram account dedicated to her Scottish Fold cat named "Jack," also known as "Tommy," boasting 1,562 followers. As a delightful addition, I just want to show you her adorable cat. Notable credits include "Behind Every Star" (tvN, 2022) and "Rookie Cops" (Disney+, 2022). Find her on #marrymyhusband #koreanactress #choigyuri #scottishfold #catlover

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instagram: @whysodurious.

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