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What is a "purebred savanna cat"?
Savannah purebred cats possess 3 (3) successive generations of savannah legends. Savannah purebreds have a more innovative breed status and can be featured in TICA cat programs.

They are the key to securing high-quality Serval Traits in the breed line. Suitable for novice cat owners as it is incredibly comparable in behavior to regular domestic cats. They will have an SBT rating in their TICA registry, which has also been described as SBT Savannahs.

The ears of the African Cerval should resemble. African Serval cats have the largest ears of all cats, and the largest ears in relation to the head size of any cat. As a result, the Savannah cat's ears are noticeably large and raised to the head.

The ears are also wide with a deep base. The ears should be erect and already have round ends. The outer base of the ear should not start lower than the height of the eyes, but may be adjusted higher. The inner base of the ears is placed near the top of the head and ideally, vertical parallel lines can be drawn from the inner corner of the eyes to the inner base of the ears.

Savannah cats have inherited "eye" marks behind their ears that are used to scare away predators. The signs of Ocelli can be spotted all over nature, like the wings of butterflies, the ears of many wild cats, and even bridesmaid cats. Serval cats have an "eye" sign behind the ears, which is a highly contrasting mark that is believed to frighten predators by mimicking the eyes of opponents of predators.

Savannah cats usually have a soft eye mark with less contrast. No high black and white contrast. It is believed to be desirable to have black with white but it is not wrong to have less contrasting colors (black with brown, brown with brown)

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