Barn Owl Live Stream - by Kangarobin in Owlceanside, CA

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Welcome to Mel and Syd's, a livestream viewing of wild Barn Owls in Owlceanside, CA.

????June 5, 2023 ????
Max, Finn, Laverne, Roo, and Steve had a nice day in the Kastle.
8:36 Parent delivered TREAT # 1, (gopher) Max was the winner.
9:13 Parent brought TREAT # 2, (most of a Rabbit) Unknown who got it in the end.
12:19 Parent delivered TREAT # 3, (gopher/vole) Max got the treat.
12:41 Parent delivered TREAT # 4, (gopher/vole) Unknown who got the treat.

**The Treat Fairy (TF) has been helping to supplement feedings on some days. It will not be a daily occurrence and Kanga will make the determination if and when it will happen, based on a variety of factors. Mel and Syd are still actively delivering.

***Also, a Mystery Owl (MO) has been at the box quite regularly. It appears to be a young owl, possibly a fledgling since it is squawking for food. It has been sitting on the perch and Mel and/or Syd have delivered several treats to the MO. This could be an instinctual response to MO's squawking or it could be a way to just feed it and get it to leave, at least for a while, so regular deliveries to the kids can continue.

????Baby ages as of 6/4/23 at 9:00pm:
Max: 46 days
Finn: 43 days
Laverne: 41 days
Roo: 39 days
Steve: 37 days

????????It is with sadness that we report the passing of Mel and Syd's youngest owlet, "#6". The baby passed on May 14th, 2023 at 2:15am at the age of 11 days old. #6 was a true fighter all the way up until the moment she passed. May it help to remember that even though she didn't survive to fledge, she is now a part of her siblings and will help ensure that they take flight someday. #6 will be the wind beneath their wings. Rest in peace, #6. Fly free, little one. ❤️Thank you for blessing the Kastle with your presence.
????Owlet Hatch Dates (Reveal Times Used):
Owlet #1---Max 4/20/23 1:14 AM (Name submitted by FSTRHZ)
Owlet #2---Finn 4/23/23 4:10 AM (Name submitted by NightOwlet)
Owlet #3---Laverne 4/25/23 8:01 AM (Name submitted by sfp)
Owlet #4---Roo 4/27/23 2:58 PM (Name submitted by Koshka 14)
Owlet #5---Steve 4/29/23 5:47 PM (Name submitted by Ozgood13)
Owlet #6---#6 5/2/23 9:57 AM (Name submitted by Kanga) RIP 5/14/23
Egg #2 was non-viable/did not hatch

Chat Rules: 100% G-Rated. Be nice/No arguing (especially w/Mods), No bad words or bad acronyms. No ages, religion, or politics. English only. No spoilers. No all CAPS. 2 Emojis max. No @tagging.

**Warning**: These are wild Barn Owls. Nature is unpredictable. Barn Owls consume live, whole, and shredded prey. Some owlets may not survive. Siblicide is a possibility. Graphic scenes may occur.

Live Link for Barn Owl Live Stream (Inside View and Palm Cam View): KangarobinS
Past Streams Link for Barn Owl Live Stream (Inside View and Palm Cam View): KangarobinS
Live Link for Moob Kam Owls (Boom/Playground PG View): Kangarobin-boom
Past Streams Link for Moob Kam Owls (Boom/Playground PG View): Kangarobin-boom
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